Mike's Mini Project - VTEC Finished
    The car is now finished and here are a few final shots at show and just more of the car.


1. This is a picture the finished VTEC install. The car looks completely stock from the outside.
2. Side view in the front driveway. The front end is removeable, but you won't see any exterior evidence of that!
3. TheVTEC engine all neatly tucked inside the engine bay. In this shot the air filter is not yet installed.
4. Another engine shot. The valve cover has been cleaned up and painted since this shot was taken.
5. Here you can see the two rads installed for cooling. They are in series and only the side rad has an electric fan.. 
6. The first show on Fathers Day. What a great day that was, as it was also the first real drive in the car.
7. Just a few more shots of the show...
8. Lots of questions.
9. A rear shot.
10. It drew a large crowd most of the day
11. Now we are on the Mission Impossible run and the new seats are installed. They are from a 94 Toyota Tercel.
12. Here is another shot of the engine.
13. This view shows the modifed intake manifold
Click on the Photo to see a movie of my car at the MMW2003 Autocross. Thanks to John Goolavitch for this movie.
15.More info on the car , click on the photo on the right for detailed info=====>
16.More to Come.
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